LED Alarm Clock Kids Night Light Lamp

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Incl. €0.08 of eco part

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With projection and soft light for easy bedtimes, and warm light and a sweet melody for gentle wake-ups, this alarm clock lamp is perfect for all kids.

LED Alarm Clock Radio

It's never been easier for kids to wake up to their favourite radio station. Double alarm: for school days and any other day when extra-curricular activities mean an early wake-up!

Sleep aid

Set a time for gentle sounds before the light fades (lullaby, zen music)

Create your own ambiance!

Thanks to different faceplates, you can decorate the ceiling of your kid's bedroom with fun interchangeable designs!

Lighting effects

Choose your favourite colour from 9 available. Adjust the brightness (5 settings)

Bedside lamp

With adjustable brightness, a choice of colours and a discreet clock display, this lamp is perfect for kids.


Dimensions and weight
  • Width : 16.5 cm
  • Height : 27 cm
  • Depth : 16.5 cm
  • Weight : 0.600 kg
  • Base : Opaque white
  • Led : 7 Colours (Blue, Cyan, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple)
  • Light Intensity : Adjustable
  • Bluetooth : No
  • Auxiliary Input : 3.5mm female headphone jack (cable included)
  • FM radio : Oui
  • Alarm : Double
  • Projection : YES (patterns)
  • Recording : Sounds (lullaby, zen music)
  • Induction battery : No
  • Total power : 15 Watts
  • Power supply : Yes
  • Reference : RRVP01