Bigben Interactive, in its capacity as data controller (for which the registered office is located at 396 Rue de la Voyette – CRT 2 Fretin – 59814 Lesquin Cedex) and its subsidiaries (hereafter "Bigben", "We"), consider it very important to protect and respect your privacy and therefore take care to comply with the laws applicable to the protection and security of confidential data. The Bigben privacy policy, as well as all additional applicable conditions related to the Services that you use (hereafter, the "Privacy Policy"), explains Our practices concerning confidentiality in obtaining, using and retaining all your personal information on the sites, appliances (products), applications or any services provided under the brand LUMIN’US (hereafter the "Service(s)"), whether online or offline, as well as any person with whom We may share the collected information. If you are a minor, you must register as a member or access the website and its Services only once your parents (or your guardian) have read and accepted our Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy aims to inform you of our practices concerning the collection, use and sharing of the information that you may provide us with through our platform (the "Platform") accessible from the Internet site and our mobile applications.

Use of or access to our Services, or the submission of personal information in the context of them by you or, if you are a minor, the submission of your personal information by your parents (or your guardian) to Bigben implies acceptance of the present Privacy Policy.

Information collected by Bigben

When you use Our Services, it is possible that We may need to obtain certain information from you when you use or interact with Our Services (hereafter the "Information"). We might ask you for the following Information:

  • Information that you provide us with:
  • Your email address and your country/region when you register or you connect to your LUMIN’US member account. If you use the account of a social network to connect to or create an LUMIN’US Member account to use Our Services, all public Information available (including, but not limited to your profile photograph, your sex, your date of birth and your language parameters) associated with your social network account may also be collected by Us.
  • Your name, contact/delivery/invoicing address (including the postcode), contact information, email address, credit card number or any other information relative to payment services when you purchase Our appliances and/or payable services or other customer services.
  • Your name, contact/delivery address (including the postcode), contact information, email address, sex, date of birth and identification number when you participate in Our events or campaigns.
  • Information relative to the use of Services
  • Information relative to the appliance: such as the model of the appliance, the serial number, the version and the type of your operating system, IP address, MAC address, IMEI number and other unique identifiers of the appliance.
  • Log information: such as the parameters, the time during which your appliance is activated, the network that you use to connect to your SERVICE, the availability, history of crashes, preferences in matters of interface, the type and language parameters of your browser, diagnostics and use of data as well as your habits in using Our Services.


Use of the Information by Bigben

We may use the Information collected for the following purposes:

  • To evaluate and improve Our Services.
  • To obtain feedback from Our customers and analyse the user experience, in order to develop and evaluate new services and appliances,
  • To perform the registration process of the LUMIN’US member account or the appliance,
  • To send and complete all requests that you make with, without being limited to, the information and documentation relative to your purchase, such as invoices or evidence of purchase, software updates and technical notices,
  • To produce and send content, such as electronic documents or newsletters that you have subscribed to, in order to remain informed of the latest new products from Bigben, special offers and forthcoming events. You may end your registration at any time, without additional fees,
  • So that we can send important notifications, such as important changes to Our policies, terms and conditions. Due to the large number of these communications, you may choose not to receive them.
  • In order to check your identity, send notices of participation and prizes won during campaigns when you participate in one of Our events or competitions.
  • In order to help you to register, analyse, modify and store your Information, including data concerning you. Furthermore, We will help you to modify and access your data.
  • So that we can recommend other services that might interest you according to your use of Our Services.
  • To provide you with marketing communications and advertising which may interest you.
  • To answer requests from users, such as requests for repairs, and to answer your questions.
  • To send you satisfaction surveys, notably concerning Our customer service, to analyse the user experience.
  • For any other reason, with your agreement.


Persons with whom Bigben may share your Information

Your Information will not be revealed to any third party, except in the following situations:

  • Your consent:
  • We communicate or share your Information with third parties only with your consent.
  • Commercial partners:
  • We will reveal broken down and anonymized information to Our commercial partners, notably those that supply data analysis services or advertising and marketing communications based on broken down and anonymized information.
  • Service providers:
  • We will communicate and share your Information to service providers who provide Services for Us or on Our behalf. For example, service providers help us to send marketing communications and contribute to customer support and to the shipment of purchases and invoicing. These service providers will only use your Information in accordance with Our instructions and in the context of the present objectives. Bigben ensures that all Our service providers comply strictly with our Privacy Policy.
  • For legal, protection and security purposes:
  • We will communicate or share the Information that We hold with third parties for legal or security questions:
  • To the extent that this Information is required by the applicable laws, regulations or a competent government or judicial authority, to initiate or pursue legal action or defence or to prevent fraud or any illegal activity.
  • To protect the rights, property or security of Bigben, of Our Service providers, Our customers or users, in accordance with what is required or authorised by the law.



International transfers of your Information

You recognise and accept the transfer, storage, use or processing of your Information for Bigben and its subsidiaries or Service providers located in a country different to your own. All this transfer, storage and processing of your Information is subject to the Privacy Policy and to applicable laws on the protection of privacy and the security of personal information.

Retention of your personal data

The period of retention of your personal data is three (3) years, namely 1095 days, when Bigben does not detect any action by you; this covers situations in which you have not interacted with us for several months, by a purchase from our e-shop and/or by clicking in an email and/or opening an SMS.

 Cookies and associated technologies

Bigben uses cookies and associated technologies, such as web beacons, to provide Our Services:

  • Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your appliance in order to personalise your user experience when you use Our Services. Cookies do not recover information enabling you to be identified:

  • Registration and authentication: We use cookies to store your unique identification number and your authentication information on your appliance. The cookies let you visit Our websites and move from one page to another without having to reconnect at your subsequent visits.
  • Store your preferences and your parameters: Cookies keep your parameters and preferences on your appliances, such as your language or location preference. By storing these parameters in cookies, it is not necessary to reapply these preferences and these parameters each time you visit Our websites.
  • Analytics: We use cookies to count the number and duration of your visits to Our websites and what you look at the most. This information helps Us to analyse the performance and functioning of Our Services in order to improve performance and develop new functionalities, functions and Services.
  • Advertising: We use cookies to collect data concerning your use of Our websites and to identify your centres of interest, such as advertisements that you have consulted. Bigben and Our commercial partners use this data to provide advertisements that are more relevant for you.

Please note that you can configure your preferences concerning cookies by accessing the parameters of your browser to accept, block or delete cookies. The parameters may be located differently depending on the browser. Please see the privacy or support page of your browser for more information. Certain parameters of Our Services are based on the use of cookies. If you choose to deactivate them, you might not be able to use all of the functionalities of Our websites.

The cookies used on Our websites have been categorised below. You can also consult these tables to find out which cookies We use on Our websites and who hosts them:

Category 1: performance cookies

Category 2: functionality cookies

Category 1: performance cookies

These cookies gather Information on how you use Our websites, such as the pages that you consult most frequently and whether you receive error messages when consulting Our webpages. Cookies do not recover information enabling you to be identified. All the information collected by the cookies is aggregated and anonymous. It is only used to improve the performance of Our websites.

Name of the cookie: Google Analytics

Host: Google Inc.

Category 2: functionality cookies

Cookies enable Our websites to save your parameters and your preferences (such as your linguistic preferences or the region where you are located) in order to offer you a more personalised and coherent experience each time you visit Our websites.

For example, our website is capable of remembering the pages that you have recently consulted and the number of visits that you have made to the forums or to consult the product pages that you have compared on Our websites. Cookies are also capable of remembering any changes that you have made concerning the text size and font, as well as other customisable aspects of Our websites. Cookies can also be used to offer you the Services that you have requested, such as watching a video. The information collected, such as your browsing habits on Our websites, is anonymized and cannot be monitored by third parties.

Name of the cookie: Google Tag Manager

Host: Google Inc.

Links towards third-party sites on Our websites

Our Services may offer links to third-party sites. Please remember that Bigben is not responsible for the security or privacy conditions of these third-party sites. We advise you to remember this when you leave Our Services and to attentively read the privacy protection conditions relative to these third-party sites. The present Privacy Policy applies only to LUMIN’US Services.


We take all precautions to protect your personal Information against any access, modification, disclosure or destruction. To this end, we make internal checks on Our databases, Our storage solutions, Our security procedures and security measures, as well as physical security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the systems that We use to store your personal Information.

Data transfer between the various companies affiliated to Bigben is done through an extended encrypted network. When you submit personal Information on Our sites, your Information is protected both online and offline.

Nevertheless, We cannot guarantee faultless security on the Internet. To protect your data from unauthorised access, we recommend that you:

  • Use alphanumeric passwords when you register for an LUMIN’US member account,
  • Regularly change your passwords,
  • Keep your appliances constantly up to date by applying the latest updates to security solutions for your computer and by using test tools such as antivirus and anti-spyware scans.

If you discover any technical vulnerabilities affecting LUMIN’US Services, do not hesitate to contact Us at


Manage your Information

We wish to help you to keep your Information up-to-date. You can display and change your Information by connecting to your LUMIN’US member account and editing the Information relative to your account.

For more information on the personal data that Bigben collects concerning you, please contact Us on

When you use Our Services, We aim to keep your data accurate and protect your Information against any accidental or malicious destruction. We adapt ourselves to your requests according to your data. However, We might not be able to respond to all your requests under the following circumstances:

  • According to the authorisations or requirements of the applicable laws,
  • Due to legitimate professional reasons,
  • In case of repetitive requests that demand disproportionate technical effort and resources, such as developing a new system or fundamentally changing current practices,
  • In case of potential privacy risk for other users.


Privacy of minors

We do not knowingly collect the data of minors aged less than thirteen (13), or of an equivalent age in the jurisdiction concerned, without parental consent. We encourage parents (or legal guardians) to actively participate in the online activities and centres of interest of minors when they use Our Services.

If you are a minor, please ask for the prior consent of your parents before using Our Services. You may submit your Information only with the consent of your parents or your guardian. Your parents (or legal guardian) may revoke their consent at any time, even after having previously given it.

Sensitive personal information

Bigben will never ask you to provide "sensitive" personal information, such as information about your state of health, political ideas, religious beliefs, criminal record, sexual orientation, sex life, behaviour or genetic information. We would therefore be grateful if you would not provide this type of information.

Change in the Bigben privacy policy

We may regularly make changes to our privacy policy. We recommend that you regularly read the Privacy Policy posted on Our websites. By accessing or using Our Services after an update to the Privacy Policy, Bigben will consider that you accept the terms of the Privacy Policy, including updates. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy will always be available on this page. In case of an important change, a notification will be sent to you by email. You can check the date of modification of the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page.

Contact us

If you have any questions, requests, comments or complaints about this Privacy Policy, or if you think that Bigben has not complied with it, do not hesitate to contact us.


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